Exciting times for the Osprey Project

This has been an exciting week for the Rutland Osprey Project!

Lyndon Visitor Centre re-opened for the spring and summer season on Saturday 10th March, World Osprey Week began on Monday 12th and, bang on cue, the first osprey was seen at Rutland Water – the earliest a bird has returned from overwintering in West Africa.

To add to the excitement the bird is Maya, the Manton Bay nest female bird and her return was broadcast live for all to see via the webcam

Having finished her migration Maya has been busy moving sticks, bringing in grass and getting the nest ready for the new breeding season. Her mate 33(11) then turned up on Wednesday 14th so all is set for another successful breeding season. 

And there is good news on the project team’s satellite tagged bird 30(05). The data from the GPS tracker shows that she has started to move away from her wintering site.

She had been relaxing on the beach in Senegal but on Saturday March 12th she left the beach and headed slightly inland and north. Hopefully the team will get another update in the next few days, She could have reached Southern Europe by now so we could be seeing 30(05) back in Rutland soon! 

For more information on the Rutland ospreys visit www.ospreys.org.uk

Photograph: Can we look forward to scenes like this in 2018?

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