Osprey Videos

Osprey at Manton Bay, Rutland Water

Ospreys Pandion Haliaetus nesting in Manton Bay Rutland Water July - David Tipling/2020VISION

Osprey Videos

Hurst Lodge Osprey Song by Hurst Lodge School Ascot
Written during the 2015 World Osprey week. This catchy song, with lyric subtitles so you can join in, explains about the life of an osprey and how they are designed, or adapted, to catch fish. The song was written and performed by the children of Hurst Lodge School, with some delightful sketches featuring the children. Keep a look out for the teacher participation in the video!

Osprey Videos

Here are a selection of short video clips of the Rutland Ospreys which can be used to show some key osprey activities. The clips can be used as starting points for creative writing or to show behaviours that can be recorded as part of a science behaviour study.

Fish being brought to the Manton Bay nest 

How ospreys learn to fly - flapping, helicoptering and learning to land!

Feeding the chicks in the nest

Catching a fish

Osprey Songs

As part of World Osprey Week and our wider education work, we are lucky to get sent songs and videos from school pupils around the world all about ospreys! We really appreciates the way that schools are inspired by ospreys and we have been fortunate to received have several school osprey songs. These songs are often used as part of our educational visits to schools in the Rutland area and make an excellent teaching resource. Our sincere thanks to the pupils and staff for their efforts! 

The Basque Osprey Song 2018
This osprey song was written and performed by four schools from Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve in the Basque Country. It tells the story of the osprey and its migration journey, and the way it forms important links between many counties and cultures. Osprey reintroduction project began in Urdaibai in 2013 and the schools in this protected area have done a lot of activities to promote the conservation of this important bird of prey , which has been extinct as a breeding bird in Spain for over 200 years. The schools that took part in this song are Urretxindorra, Montorre, Uzelai and Mertzede schools, and the colaboration of Hastegi ikastola from Legazpi. It also features Whissendine School (Rutland) and children in schools in The Gambia, at each end of the Osprey Migration route of the osprey. The song is sung in Basque with subtitles in English.

“The Osprey Song” by Brooke Priory School Oakham
This song was the first osprey song from Brooke Priory School. It was written by the children, with music by Mrs Carrie Grantham, their music teacher, in 2015.
It was performed at the 2015 International Bird Fair at Rutland Water as part of the Rutland Osprey Project book launch.

“Osprey Returning” by Brooke Priory School Oakham
This tells the story of the Osprey Migration from West Africa to Rutland water. The song was written by the children, with music by Mrs Carrie Grantham their music teacher, and performed by the whole school. The journey “sketches” are performed by the younger pupils! It was performed in our 2016”Osprey Festival” celebrating 20 years of the Rutland Osprey Project.

“Arrano Arratzalearen Kanta” by Montorre and Urretxindorra School
These schools in the Basque area of Northern Spain wrote and performed our first osprey song. Their school is on the migration route of ospreys from Africa to Rutland Water, and is near to the Urdaibai Bird Reserve, which is in its fourth year of an osprey re-introduction programme. Their song, in the Basque language, tells us about the migration of ospreys to Rutland. The school children and Urdaibai Bird Reserve are regular participants in our annual World Osprey Week activities and our world-wide osprey skype events.

The winner of the Ospreys and Us competition!

Brooke Priory School performing “150th chick” Song at Lyndon Centre!

Brooke Priory came along to the Lyndon centre for a very special performance, they gave their beautiful voices to a song dedicated to the hatching of the 150th chick, written and composed by Music teacher at the school, Mrs Grantham. It told the story of Manton Bay and the Osprey project to date, and celebrating the milestone chick to hatch this year. The song is very catchy and we love the fact that everyone was in wellies for the occasion!