What we do


Jon Hawkins, Surrey Hills Photography

What we do

Protecting and enhancing the wildlife and wild places of Leicestershire and Rutland

We believe Leicestershire and Rutland should be rich in wildlife for the benefit of everyone - with more wildlife, more wild places and more people having a strong connection to nature. For over 65 years we have been saving wildlife and wild places, increasing people’s awareness and understanding of the natural world, and deepening people’s relationship with it.

We achieve this in the following ways:

Caring for wild places

We care for 35 nature reserves covering 1,234 hectares (3,048 acres), spread across Leicestershire and Rutland. From woodland to meadows, wetland to heaths, these reserves contain a rich variety of animal and plant species, many rare.

Not only do we manage our own land, we also advise other landowners how to manage their land to benefit wildlife. We're creating a number of Living Landscapes across Leicestershire and Rutland, working with stakeholders, landowners, partners and businesses, bringing nature back across the wider landscape and linking up our nature reserves.

Responding to the climate and ecological emergency

We recognise that the twin threats of climate breakdown and ecological collapse are the most important issues of our time. As well as protecting the fragments of wildlife-rich habitat that we have left, we aim to restore ecosystems at scale and to put nature into recovery. We have ambitions to increase abundance and diversity by restoring and creating habitats at scale. 

Researching and surveying wildlife

We monitor, study and survey the wildlife of our counties to identify special places and important species, to inform management and promote nature conservation, and to protect local biodiversity.

Encouraging people to enjoy nature

We offer everyone the chance to experience some of Leicestershire and Rutland’s fantastic wildlife and wild places, through our engagement work, activities and events, volunteering, our visitor centres, and working within our local communities. 

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of wildlife in their daily lives and we aim to increase our engagement with diverse communities, to better understand and overcome barriers to accessing and engaging with nature.

Inspiring and educating people

We are passionate about inspiring everyone, of all ages and from all backgrounds, to love and care for wildlife and wild places. We offer a broad and varied education programme, with lots of activities, groups and events for families and children. We want to encourage a love of wildlife and inspire you to take action for it. We work across Leicestershire and Rutland with all communities and cultures, because we believe that nature should be accessible to all. 

Empowering people to take action for wildlife

We want to see more people in Leicestershire and Rutland taking action for nature and the climate, resulting in better decision-making for the environment at both the local level and national level. 

We demonstrate what is possible, and inspire, empower, and enable people from all backgrounds, cultures, identities and abilities to bring about our vision with us, embracing the diversity of our society to change the natural world for the better.

Speaking out for wildlife

We campaign for wildlife, protecting threatened habitats like wildflower meadows and rare species such as ospreys, otters, bats and water voles.

We speak authentically with a bold and confident voice, we commit to tell the truth about the state of nature and be clear about what needs to be done to put it in recovery.

What we believe

  • People are part of nature; everything we value ultimately comes from it and everything we do has an impact on it
  • The natural world is valuable in its own right, and is the foundation of our wellbeing and prosperity; we depend on it and it depends on us
  • Everyone deserves to live in a healthy, wildlife-rich natural world
  • Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of wildlife in their daily lives.