Caring for Wild Places

Charnwood Lodge

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Caring for wild places

1,234 ha of land managed for wildlife
700 volunteers looking after nature
35 special nature reserves
25 years of the Rutland Ospreys

Caring for Wild Places

We care for 35 nature reserves covering 1,234 hectares (3,048 acres), spread across Leicestershire and Rutland. From woodland to meadows, wetland to heaths, these reserves contain a rich variety of animal and plant species, many rare. Not only do we manage our own land, we also advise other landowners how to manage their land to benefit wildlife. We're creating a number of Living Landscapes across Leicestershire and Rutland, working with stakeholders, landowners, partners and businesses, bringing nature back across the wider landscape and linking up our nature reserves.

Launde Big Wood

Nature Reserves

Croft pasture

Living Landscapes

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Rutland Water Nature Reserve


Ongoing work

Local Wildlife Sites

Local Wildlife Sites are areas identified and selected locally for their great wildlife value. The designation is non-statutory, but is recognition of a site’s significance with many sites being of county and often regional importance for wildlife. 

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Charnwood Forest Landscape Partnership Scheme

This five year scheme will promote awareness and understanding of the importance of Charnwood Forest through geological conservation, habitat restoration, improvements to connections between sites for visitors, creating innovative interpretation, outdoor learning opportunities for young people and adults, and a five-year programme of cultural and heritage activities and events.

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The Greener Golf Group

There are approximately 30 golf clubs in Leicestershire and Rutland. Besides tees, fairways and greens, all the courses have substantial areas of land that can be better used for the recovery of nature and biodiversity. The aim of the Greener Golf Group is to provide occasions and venues where clubs can meet to share ideas and challenges.

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Help protect our precious wild places

Nature needs our help, your support will help us protect, restore and enhance wild places across our two counties