Rutland Osprey Project Webcam Appeal raises £16,040.24!

Jason Fathers

We are excited to announce that our Osprey Project Webcam Appeal has raised over £16,000! We have now been able to purchase and install new state-of-the-art equipment, which will live stream activity from the Manton Bay nest and give you a front row seat!

Last July, we launched an exciting fundraising appeal for a brand-new webcam system for one of our osprey nests at Manton Bay. The aim was to raise £15,000, which would allow us to replace the old camera system and replace it with a much better one, whilst also making some necessary improvements to the broadband system at Lyndon Visitor Centre – essential for ensuring the new camera system would work and be well supported.

We are incredibly happy to announce that, not only have we reached our £15,000 target, but we have massively exceeded our expectations with the final total standing at £16,040.24! We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has contributed to this, we wouldn’t have been able to make these vital improvements without your generosity and support.

We have worked alongside Wildlife Windows, who are experts in their field, to bring you a higher quality camera, which will not only greatly improve picture quality, but will enable us to have more control over the camera angle – we can now zoom, pan, and tilt it! Not only this, but we have made sure the new system incorporates sound, giving you a fuller experience and deeper insight into the behaviour of breeding ospreys! So, when those chicks start food begging, or if there is another osprey intruder nearby, we will have a front-row seat.

Osprey Nest Webcam

Jason Fathers

The new webcams are now live and will be streaming throughout the season - Just in time for the much-anticipated return of Maya and 33(11) to the Manton Bay nest. 

Thank you once again to everyone who donated. We look forward to another great season ahead of us and of course, perhaps most importantly, for the ospreys’ return. 

View the Manton Bay live stream here

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