Rutland Ospreys

Rutland Ospreys

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Rutland Osprey Nest Cam

Watch a live webcam stream from our Rutland Osprey nest at Manton Bay, where our star pair Maya and 33(11), have been nesting since 2015.

Depending on the time of year, you might see them mating, sitting on their eggs, catching or delivering fish to each other, perched on the poles or protecting the nest from gulls, cormorants and even other ospreys! 

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Osprey Cruises

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Osprey cruises are the ultimate way to experience ospreys and other wildlife at Rutland Water from on board the Rutland Belle. 

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Visit the Rutland Ospreys

Rutland Osprey Visitor Centre

Meet our team, enjoy our visitor centre, walk through the nature reserve and visit the hides to get a view of the ospreys.

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Osprey Facts

Learn more about Ospreys

Ospreys are an incredible bird of prey. They live exclusively on fish, have a wingspan of just over 1.5 metres and can turn one of their toes a full 180 degrees - a trait call zygodactylism!

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Peter Cairns/2020VISION

Opsreys at Rutland Water

Rutland Water is home to the Rutland Osprey Project. You can watch them at their nest site on Lyndon Nature Reserve, soaring majestically over the lagoons or diving to catch fish on an exclusive Osprey Cruise. Find out how this once endangered bird of prey has found a home in Rutland Water and see them yourself. In what is widely celebrated as one of the most inspiring conservation success stories, the triumphant return of the osprey to central England is a story that you can be part of.

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