Volunteer at Rutland Water

Volunteering at Rutland Water

View of Rutland Water nature reserve in early summer - David Tipling/2020VISION

Join our volunteer army

Working indoors or outdoors, day-time or night-time, on the reserve or elsewhere, there are literally hundreds of people who contribute to the running of Rutland Water Nature Reserve - and derive enormous pleasure, satisfaction and fulfilment from doing so. Rutland Water Nature Reserve offers a huge number of volunteering opportunities, undertaking practical nature conservation management tasks and assisting the Rutland Osprey Project.

“Thanks to my experience and the qualifications I achieved through volunteering, I now have a new job with an ecological consultancy company and feel more motivated to take on new challenges. The volunteer experience has changed my life for the better and I am so pleased to be involved.”
Oli Grice-Jackson
Trainee Reserve Officer

Do you have time, skills and experience you are willing to share? 

If so, then why not sign up as a volunteer and join our team of amazing people who make Rutland Water Nature Reserve the truly special wildlife haven that it is. Volunteers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are involved in every aspect of the day-to-day life of the reserve, from welcoming visitors at our two centres, to practical habitat management, wildlife monitoring, assisting with outreach work and much more. Our biggest public event, Birdfair, held annually in August, is also our biggest volunteering event. It relies on over 200 volunteers to sell tickets and merchandise, run lecture theatres, provide information and act as stewards. However you would like to help, we’d love to hear from you.

There’s a real sense of pride and identity in our volunteer team and the many people who contribute to the running of Rutland Water derive great pleasure, satisfaction and fulfilment from what they do. Volunteering is good for health and well-being and it’s also a great escape from the daily routine!

Wild Lives at Rutland Water

The Wild Lives at Rutland Water Project represents a truly significant and meaningful investment in volunteering at Rutland Water Nature Reserve. It is an exciting, ambitious and inspiring programme that will build on the impressive commitment of our volunteers and greatly improve the range of volunteering opportunities on offer, taking the overall volunteer experience to a whole new level.

About Wild Lives

Over 400 volunteers are regularly involved in helping the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust to manage Rutland Water Nature Reserve, with total volunteer input typically running at around 35,000 hours per year. The range of tasks and services delivered by volunteers is considerable, including practical nature conservation, habitat management and estate work; wildlife monitoring, surveys and recording; scientific studies; welcome and advice to visitors plus staffing the shops; assisting with events and activities. Volunteering is core to the Trust’s management philosophy and the hundreds of people who contribute to the running of Rutland Water Nature Reserve derive enormous pleasure, satisfaction and fulfilment from what they do.

Volunteer Training Centre

The new Volunteer Training Centre will provide support and training for the reserve’s 400-strong team of volunteers through an exciting and innovative range of learning opportunities. The project will deliver a comprehensive and inclusive programme of volunteer support, development and training and build and sustain skilled, experienced and motivated volunteer teams that will work alongside staff to manage Rutland Water Nature Reserve, as well as other nearby nature reserves, into the future.

The centre will also enable the reserve to reach out to new audiences through the provision of a wonderful range of learning and participation opportunities, thereby enabling more people to connect with and enjoy the wonderful natural heritage of Rutland Water Nature Reserve – including activities for schools, young people and students, special needs groups, older volunteers and a wide range of other participants.

Contact us

If you have any enquiries regarding volunteering please email volunteering@lrwt.org.uk