Nature Reserves Fund

Will you help secure a healthy future for our nature reserves?

Leicestershire and Rutland's wildlife and wild places are facing ever increasing threats from factors such as climate change, habitat loss and pollution.

Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust manage 35 nature reserves, covering over 3,000 acres, which provide a diverse range of precious habitats essential for wildlife to survive. 

Maintaining these areas to create the best possible conditions for wildlife to thrive, requires constant dedication, specialist knowledge and significant resources. We can get this work done, but only with your help. 

With your help we can make a difference now!

We are in a unique position to create and deliver land management projects that protect the rich and varied landscapes across our two counties and ensure they remain a sanctuary for wildlife.

However, the financial cost of maintaining the right balance is high and we simply don't have the funds to carry out our work on a large enough scale. Caring for our nature reserves costs £2,100 a day and finding funds is getting harder every year. 

Any gift you can give will go directly to where the need is greatest on our reserves, ensuring they are kept in the best possible condition to support local wildlife. 

Now is the time to take action!

Our work helps rare and threatened species to thrive such as otters, bats and water voles. But a great deal of year-round work goes into creating the right conditions for flora and fauna to flourish. 

Simple tasks such as regularly cutting back trees at woodland reserves such as Cloud Wood or Priors Coppice, creates light and open conditions for woodland plants to grow. This allows insects and spiders to expand their populations, which enables other wildlife to thrive.

Read more here about the work on our reserves.

Download our Nature Reserves Fund leaflet here. 

We need your help to continue this crucial work. Any donation whatever the size, will make a huge difference, please support out Nature Reserves Fund today!