Local Wildlife Sites

Local Wildlife Sites play a key role in nature conservation across Leicestershire and Rutland.

Local Wildlife Sites are areas identified and selected locally for their great wildlife value. The designation is non-statutory but is recognition of a site’s significance with many sites being of county and often regional importance for wildlife. Examples range from field ponds, streams and reedbeds, to ancient woodlands, flower-rich meadows and hedgerows. They can be found on land including farms, small holdings, roadside verges and parks.

Wildflower rich meadow at Shearsby

With over 40,000 Local Wildlife Sites in the UK this is a well established system.  In Leicestershire and Rutland we have 1,000 Local Wildlife Sites covering well over 3,000 hectares, but this is still less than 2% of the land area of the two counties.

Local Wildlife Sites are designated according to selection criteria, which are prepared by the Local Wildlife Sites Panel, made up of local nature conservation experts.

Why are they so important?

Local Wildlife Sites are the grass-roots of nature conservation. Not only are they important in their own right, but they also create a vital network of wildlife rich sites reaching across districts and counties. These qualities make the natural environment as a whole more robust and able to cope with change.

 Wildlife rich farm pond


Benefits of owning a Local Wildlife Site:

  • Contributing to the conservation of our local wildlife
  • Free and practical management advice, taking land use and feasibility into account
  • Information on sources of grant aid, including the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust’s small grant scheme
  • Recognition of Local Wildlife Sites in the Higher Level Stewardship scheme
  • Receipt of Skylark the newsletter for Local Wildlife Site owners and managers
  • The designation does not give anyone a right of access to the site other than on existing rights of way
  • Ordinary land management and agricultural operations are not affected

Local Wildlife Site farm walk

Click here to download a copy of our Local Wildlife Sites information leaflet

Click here to download the guidelines for the selection of Local Wildlife Sites

Click here to download a copy of Skylark - our regular newsletter for owners and managers of Local Wildlife Sites

For further information please contact Claire Install:  0116 248 7367 or email cinstall@lrwt.org.uk