Feed the winter birds

Our garden wildlife needs a little help from us now that winter has January in its grip and a regular supply of bird seed, suet products, mealworms – and clean unfrozen water – can provide a life line.

When you buy bird food from Vine House Farm you are also supporting the Trust’ work to safeguard the natural world we live in.

Through a partnership with The Wildlife Trusts, 5% of bird food sales purchased by Vine House Farm customers in our two counties are donated to Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust to protect and restore areas for nature and inspire people to experience wildlife first-hand.

The latest Vine House Farm catalogue was sent to members with the latest edition of our Wildlife News magazine and you can replenish your stocks of bird food when you order on-line.

Nicholas Watts’ passion for birds has shaped his method of wildlife-friendly farming. His award-winning family businessVine House Farm has supported UK wildlife conservation to the tune of more than £1million through feeding birds on a spectacular scale.

Most of the bird food is grown, mixed and packaged, on the farm in Lincolnshire and despatched direct.

Photo: Birds on feeder (Vine House Farm)

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