Spring has sprung

Peter Cairns/2020VISION

Spring is well underway, with the Manton Bay pair incubating an amazing four eggs...

This past week, I have noticed a flurry of activity from birds and other wildlife alike. Whether it is the buzzing of bumblebees, the persistent calling of a male Great Tit, or the flitting of Orange-Tip Butterflies from flower to flower in the garden, for me, are sure signs that spring is finally here. And of course, the presence of the wonderful Ospreys at Rutland Water only solidifies that spring is well underway.

This week Maya and 33(11) have settled down to a routine of incubating an amazing clutch of FOUR eggs! Osprey eggs will hatch in the order that they are laid after an incubation period of around 37 days. Based on this, we could expect the first egg to hatch sometime during the first week of May! If and when all four eggs hatch, I have no doubt that Maya and 33 will be up to the challenge of keeping them all fed and safe, for they managed it fantastically last year.

Whilst the Manton Bay pair are already one step ahead and incubating, even more Ospreys are still flooding in. So far, we have 19 individuals back, including satellite tagged male S1(15) who arrived back in Rutland on 4th April. When I checked on 4K(13)'s progress this morning, he was close to Northampton! He might even have already landed in Rutland since then, but we will have to wait until tomorrow to check his satellite data again.

4K nearly back

4K(13) was quite close to Northampton at approximately 08:00 this morning!

It also seems fitting, since the 2020 Osprey season is well underway, to reflect on some of last year's highlights...

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