Manton Bay Weekly Update - Fledging

Manton Bay Weekly Update - Fledging

Peter Cairns/2020VISION

The Osprey chicks at Manton Bay are now 6-7 weeks old. Find out the latest here...

The Lyndon Visitor Centre and Nature Reserve have now been open just short of a week. It has been really lovely to be able to welcome back visitors, have a peek of the Manton Bay nest from the Waderscrape Hide and catch up with some familiar faces who have popped in.

For the Manton Bay Ospreys, it is like nothing has changed. The Ospreys are completely oblivious to the fact there are visitors now watching them from the hides and have continued to put on a performance for us all.

The chicks are between 6-7 weeks old and the oldest chicks have been having a go at helicoptering – temporary lift off from the nest. Even 083, the youngest chick, has begun flapping his wings.

On Friday afternoon at 16:03, male 080 – the eldest chick – took the leap of faith and fledged and landed safely on the perch above the nest! When the chicks fledge they will stay local to the nest as they are still dependent on 33(11) for food until they leave for their first ever migration south at the end of August/beginning of September.

33(11) has been continuing his quest to feed his family and has regularly been delivering mainly Pike and Trout, with the odd Roach. Maya has spent less time on the nest and instead has been sat on her favourite perch just above the nest.

The webcam gives you a special insight into the lives of breeding Ospreys, but there is so much more than looking after the chicks and ensuring they are well fed and safe. Maya and 33(11) have got to ensure they themselves are in the best condition possible.

Like most other birds Ospreys preen and bathe themselves in order to keep their feathers in good form. Bathing helps remove dust, dirt and any potential parasites from their feathers, whilst moistening them in preparation for preening. Here is the moment yesterday when 33(11) was captured taking a good bath by Chris Wood.

Osprey Home School

The Osprey Education team are continuing to add more exciting activities for the whole family to enjoy to their Osprey Home School initiative. Follow the link below for more information.

Osprey Home School