Just some EGG-citing updates

Just some EGG-citing updates

It has now been two weeks since Maya and 33(11) returned to Manton Bay. Here is the latest blog with all the most recent developments of the 2020 Osprey Season.

Last week it was World Osprey Week, and didn’t the Osprey Education Team come up with some truly brilliant activities to keep the whole family engaged? And what’s more, they have got so much more up their sleeves, ready to share with you all! The Education Team are continuing with the Osprey Home School initiative and they have already added another fun activity, based around bird migrations, on the website. For more information check out the World Osprey Week's page of our website here.

This week also brought the news that everyone has been waiting for. 4K has left his wintering grounds in Guinea and has begun his migration back to Rutland! 4K left on 25th March and is currently heading through Mauritania and the Sahara Desert. S1 is continuing to make great progress and this week has made his way over Spain and has crossed the border into France, where it looks like he is currently taking some time to fish just up the coast from Bordeaux.

The past week the weather has been idyllic for Maya and 33, who have continued to entertain us! They have brought even more material back to the nest, and by the end of the week you could clearly see the “cup” in the centre of the nest where Maya would lay her eggs. Last year, it took around ten days from Maya and 33 returning to when the first egg was laid, and it has now been 14 days since the pair returned. On Friday, we were all expecting Maya to lay the first egg any day.

And it turned out to be very soon...

I am very happy to announce that we have our first egg of the season! It was laid on Sunday evening (29th March), at around 21:00. How many eggs will Maya lay this year? My personal guess is three, but we will have to wait and see! Keep your eyes peeled on our webcam for signs of another egg.