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When a new customer orders online via Vine House Farm, £10 is given to the Wildlife Trust in their area and up to 4% of ongoing sales is given to that Trust, regardless of whether the customer is a member. That means that when you buy Vine House Farm bird food, you're not just helping wildlife in your garden - you're helping wildlife across Leicestershire and Rutland, and beyond, too!

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The Wildlife Trusts have been in partnership with conservation award-winning Vine House Farm since 2007. They farm in a way that encourages wildlife by offering a wide range of habitats, while growing, packing and dispatching bird seed direct from their Lincolnshire farm, ensuring that their family-run business always operates in an environmentally-friendly way. During their long-term commitment to supporting The Wildlife Trusts’ work, in protecting and restoring areas for nature and inspiring people to experience wildlife first-hand, Vine House Farm has raised £2 million for The Wildlife Trusts. 


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Attracting birds to your garden

To find out everything you need to know about feeding garden birds, take a look at this fabulous video from Vine House Farm video...

“It brings about great pleasure to see nature thriving. I have always enjoyed feeding birds and now I am feeding more than I could ever have imagined with the help of our customers!”
Nicholas Watts OBE
Vine House Farm