Wild Horizons

Wild Horizons

Matthew Roberts

Wild Horizons

Wild Horizons is a society for young people aged 18-30 embarking on a career in wildlife conservation or with a general love of the natural world.  As a member you will have the opportunity to be part of a wildlife-focused social network in Rutland, gain knowledge and experience and have access to mentors in a variety of expertise through Wild Horizons’ connections within the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust (LRWT) and Rutland Natural History Society (RNHS).

Membership to Wild Horizons costs £25.00 a year and includes the following benefits:

  • Monthly meetings at the VTC for members to get together, plus extra activities out of term time; and of course you can attend as many other events available via the two organisations as you like!
  • Full membership to the Rutland Natural History Society, giving you access to an amazing programme of events, talks and walks, the society’s newsletter Fieldfare, annual report and an incredible opportunity to meet and learn from Rutland’s wildlife recording experts.
  • Access to our nature reserves and a copy of our nature reserves guide
  • You will receive our e-newsletter, magazine Wildlife News as well as regular updates from Rutland Water Nature Reserve.
  • Advice, support and opportunities to gain experience from the mentors linked to both RNHS and LRWT – not just about wildlife and conservation but a whole range of transferable skills too.
  • Access to a variety of training and learning experiences at Rutland Water Nature Reserve’s Volunteer Training Centre (VTC).

An on top of all of the above you will get to meet, learn from and have fun with like-minded peers, incredibly talented naturalists and inspiring role-models!

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If Wild Horizons sounds like it’s for you then get in touch for more information via info@lrwt.org.uk

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