We're Buzzing for Bees!

We're Buzzing for Bees!

Plant nectar and pollen-rich flowers
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Create and protect nesting sites

Welcome wild bees into your garden this summer!

Did you know that bees provide us with every third mouthful of food we eat? It's hard to imagine a world without our favourite flowers, fruits, and veggies, but sadly this could be a reality if we don't protect our precious bees. 

This May, we're buzzing for bees! We want to encourage you to make a bee-line for your garden to make it bee-friendly in time for summer! By taking small actions, your garden can serve as a fantastic habitat for a wide range of bee species throughout the year. See what ideas you can incorporate into your garden. 



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Nevermind the weeds, feed the bees!

By not cutting the grass you will allow flowers to grow, providing food for insects and bees. 

Feed the bees!
Early bumblebee

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Whats buzzing over there?

There's over 24 species of the bee in the UK - Learn how to identify them

Identify bees!