Stay wild at home

Stay Wild At Home


Boynes Meadow - Andy Bartlett

🌱 Stay connected to nature 🐝

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, maintaining a connection with the natural world is more important than ever to ensure we're taking good care of our health and wellbeing.

We know that people who spend time in nature are happier and healthier, but it can be difficult to know how to do this safely in the current climate. 

It's really important to stay active and exercise in your local area where you can. This can be as simple as going for a wander around your own back garden or neighbourhood. Devoting just a bit of time every day spent in nature is proven to help relieve stress and improve mental wellbeing.

To help you stay active and wild, we have put together some activities and resources that we hope will help you. 

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Discover The Giants of Great Merrible Wood

Join Conservation Officer Andy Lear while he uncovers the historic heritage of Great Merrible Woods Nature Reserve, and gives a detailed walkthrough of the reserve and the giant trees that reside there. Get a much needed dose of nature and bring the outside into your home. 

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Wildlife Quizzes

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Birdsong quiz

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Bird Song Quiz.

A          BLACKBIRD     

B          WREN      

C         GREAT TIT 

D         GOLDFINCH  

E          CHIFF CHAFF   

F          ROOK 

G         BLUE TIT   

H         WOOD PIGEON  


J          ROBIN 

Bird Photo Quiz

See if you can guess all the birds (and one red herring!) in the photos just by their eyes! All were taken at Rutland Water Nature Reserve. 

How did you do? Check the answers...

Animal noses quiz

Insect Quiz

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