What's been seen?

Goosander (Mergus merganser), swimming on still upland lake, Gwynedd, January 2009 - Richard Steel/2020VISION

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What's been around?
Lagoon 1
- Smew; curlew; redshank; scaup; goosander; great white egret; shoveler; peregrine; stonechat; little egret; scaup; marsh harrier
Lagoon 2 - Smew; goldeneye; lesser redpoll (nr Grebe Hide); green woodpecker (nr Badger Hide); marsh tit (nr Badger Hide); bullfinch (on way to Redshank Hide); great-spotted woodpecker (on way to Redshank Hide)
Lagoon 3 - Smew; scaup; pochard; siskin; otter 
Lagoon 4 - Smew; red kite; sparrowhawk; Mediterranean Gull (2w)
AWBC (front of VC) - Long-tailed tits; treecreeper; great-spotted woodpecker
North Arm - Slavonian grebe; black-necked grebe (2); scaup; red-crested pochard (5); oystercatcher;
Lyndon Visitor Centre - Willow tit (on feeders)
South Arm - Black-necked Grebe (from Lapwing Hide); red-necked grebe (from Teal Hide); raven
Dam - Common scoter 
Other - White-fronted geese, Egleton village; raven (over Hambleton Peninsula)

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You can also phone us on 01572 770651 for updates on rare species and general wildlife news. There is also a regular Rutland Water Bird News blog, managed by local birder Erik Ansell, which can be viewed here. For visitor sightings and photographs, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or follow the LROS sightings page.

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