Lyndon Visitor Centre gets a makeover!

Lyndon Visitor Centre gets a makeover!


Lyndon Visitor Centre, home to our iconic Rutland Ospreys, has had an exciting makeover, thanks to generous funding from the Augean Community Fund.

Lyndon Visitor Centre, home to our iconic Ospreys, has had an exciting makeover, thanks to generous funding from the Augean Community Fund.

During the last lockdown, we worked with Leicester based arts group Graffwerk to update the centre, making it more interactive and engaging for visitors. Graffwerk created custom wildlife murals, which depict some of the wonderful species that can be found at Rutland Water Nature Reserve. We also installed new interpretation panels and updated the layout of the centre. 

Laura Brady, Lyndon Visitor Centre Manager tells us more:

“We were so excited to have the chance to collaborate with Graffwerk, their work is amazing and what they have created for the centre is brilliant. When you come to visit us, you might just spot our cheeky water vole chopping his grass as you walk to the front door, and be sure to look up as you leave for our woodland walk to get the most amazing view of our spectacular painted barn owl on the gable end of the building!

For those with a good eye, be sure to take a stroll to Teal Hide, our educational and family hide, and pay a visit to our larger than life otter! In addition, Teal hide has had the most unbelievable makeover, with enormous animals decorating the inside of the hide!"

Laura continues:

"Inside the centre, we have brand new interpretation panels, which provide visitors with lots of information about our fantastic ospreys and other wildlife you might spot on your visit through the nature reserve, all year round. You can also watch the osprey webcam live from our centre TV screen, browse our selection of local products and gifts, and pick up some light refreshments.

There are floor to ceiling windows on one side of the centre, which give visitors a great view across the water, and we have bird identification panels set up in front of the windows to help you identify the species you spot!

Over weekends and school holidays, families can come and take part in our wildlife trails; pick up a spotter sheet from the centre, and start your adventure, seeing how many trail disks you can find!

We are so happy with how the centre looks and we can’t wait to welcome everyone back this year.”

The visitor centre has facilities including a car park, toilets and picnic area. The paths around the centre are wheelchair and pushchair friendly and there is an electric buggy available for hire.

From the visitor centre, the walk through Lyndon nature reserve takes you along the south shore of Rutland Water, through wildflower meadows with the reservoir and bird hides on your right.

The furthest two birdwatching hides are the best places to see the iconic ospreys from during the spring and summer months. Our star pair – Maya and 33(11) – nest out in the middle of Manton Bay, surrounded by water. Waderscrape Hide has volunteers in the hide throughout the season, ready to answer any questions and help you make the most of your experience. 

The centre is open every day between March and September 9am-5pm.

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