Spectacular snowdrops

At this time of year the cheering sight of brilliant milky-white drifts of snowdrops, in our gardens and in the countryside, herald the beginning of the end of  winter.

The Trust’s Dimminsdale nature reserve, near Staunton Harold in north west Leicestershire, is a great place to see a spectacular display. This is a fascinating nature reserve at any time of the year but probably the best time to visit is now!

Although it is often thought of as a British native wild flower, the snowdrop Galanthus is not really a wild flower but an escapee from gardens and has become widely naturalised throughout the UK. At Dimminsdale you can see them on the site of an old cottage garden – a great treat for all snowdrop enthusiasts who are known as Gallanthophiles.

For more information on Dimminsdale nature reserve click here.

Photograph: Snowdrops at Dimminsdale nature reserve (Neill Talbot).

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