Give our birds an egg-cellent Easter!

We are asking you to be on the lookout for real ‘Easter’ eggs this weekend. Traditionally, this is a time when people give their garden a spring clean.  However, this is also often the time that many garden birds start to lay their first clutch of eggs.  With Easter being so late this year some birds may already have young hatched.

The weather forecast for Easter is looking good so we are urging you to be careful. It only takes a moment for a nest to be accidentally destroyed or exposed to predators, so a few minutes carrying out some simple checks before starting any work could be the difference between life and death.

Garden favourites such as robins, sparrows and blackbirds are in decline and need all the help they can get. We recommend that you check your garden before starting any work. Take just a few minutes to look through your hedges and shrubs for signs of nests. If you are not doing the work yourself, ask your contractor to check for nests too. 

Hedges are the most likely places to find nests, especially dense evergreen hedges such as Leylandii, but any hedge, tree, shrub and even ivy could be home to a growing family. Working in the same area for long periods can also cause birds to abandon their nests.  

All birds are legally protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act whilst nesting, and protection starts the moment they begin building the nest until their young have fully fledged. If in doubt, we recommend the work should be postponed until the end of July, which is generally accepted as the end of the breeding season. 


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