Seek out the snowdrop this February

Now the days have started to lengthen, February is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the first signs of spring.

One of the signs that spring is on its way is the arrival of the Snowdrop. The Snowdrop displays nodding, white flowers, each carried on a single stem. The narrow, grey-green leaves appear around the base of the stem.

Despite its long history in the UK, the Snowdrop may not actually be native here. It is a native of damp woods and meadows on the continent, but was not recorded as growing wild in the UK until the late 18th century.

Snowdrops tend to bloom January to March, so now is the best time to see them. Look out for them at the Trust’s Dimminsdale reserve in north-west Leicestershire, where large numbers bloom creating a carpet of snowdrops. They were probably introduced to this site long ago when people lived and worked there. The plants can be found at the far side of the main entrance in what was once a garden, when you visit, walk around the reserve in a clockwise direction i.e. turn left when you come down the steps.

And look out for other plants starting to wake up in February including hazel catkins, early blooms of primrose and other woodland plants.

Photo: LRWT

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