Will you speak out for a wilder future?

Wildlife needs our help.

Birds, insects, mammals, plants and trees are struggling to survive with an increasing lack of suitable places to live, or food to eat.

Nature needs better protection, both here in Leicestershire and Rutland and nationally. Right now we have a chance to do something about this by asking our politicians to ensure a new law, an Environment Act, maps out places where wildlife can recover on land and at sea, and people live happier lives.

Director of Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust, Simon Bentley, said: “The Wildlife Trusts are part of the wider movement, GREENER UK, and have persuaded HM Government of the need for a new law – an Environment Act – to improve protection for our country’s wildlife. Not all politicians are convinced and to make sure the law protects wildlife and helps it to recover, we need everyone on board.

“MPs will be voting on this soon and we need them to support a strong Environment Act, so that our vision for a natural world rich in wildlife is realised. A country with more wildlife is better for everyone, wildlife and people.”

Please talk to your MP, if you feel able, and ask for a strong new law in England that maps out places where wildlife can recover on land and at sea, and where people thrive.

Together we can make a difference! Find out more on the Get Involved page of the Trust's website.

The campaign for a wilder future starts here.


Photograph: A brown hare (c. John Wright)

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