Westwood House looks back at 30 Days Wild

We were delighted to receive this account from Westwood House Residential Home in Ashby-se-la-Zouch telling us how they participated in 30 Days Wild – The Wildlife Trusts' month-long nature challenge.

"June was a particularly exciting and enriching month for the residents of Westwood House Residential Home, and we have learned so much about the wildlife that has lived under our noses all of this time.

"You’ll be happy to hear that our sunflowers have blossomed and our residents have continued to spend time in the garden and enjoy the flora and fauna, which we have a newly discovered appreciation for. Activities have included dining outside, enjoying sensory experiences in the garden, feeding and watching the birds, cloud spotting, sunflower growing, creating a wild mood board, and discussing the things that we have seen, and enjoyed. 30 Days Wild has encouraged individuals to participate in group activities, and improved social interactions between staff and residents alike. We have found that nature has been a kind of therapy, as well as entertainment.

"Our residents were excited to discover that their wild escapades had inspired the staff and residents across our sister homes, including Leaholme Residential Home in Leicester. Their very first day on June involved meeting a snake, a tortoise, rabbits and a guinea pig; they couldn’t have been much wilder if they’d tried. Appreciating nature became a joint activity, and even though we are separated by distance our homes were united by the 30 Days Wild Challenge. Our managers particularly enjoyed sharing ideas and showing everyone what we’d all been up to. Nature is for everyone, you see.

"30 Days Wild was wonderful, and we’ve pledged to stay wild for the rest of the year – and beyond. There was so much going on in our own garden that we’d perhaps not noticed before. Nature has encouraged us to be calm and mindful, and to always look that little bit harder. Besides, learning more about local wildlife has been so much fun. Our highlight was the cheeky squirrel, who came to dine at our bird table. We couldn’t be made when we saw his bright eyes and bushy tail!

"Wherever you live, and however old you are please take time for nature; just one random act of wild a day could help you to see the world very differently!"

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