30 Days Wild at Westwood House

We were delighted to receive this wonderful account from Westwood House Residential Home in Ashby-de-la-Zouch showing how they are participating in 30 Days Wild - the UK's month-long nature challenge.

Our theme for June is The Great Outdoors, which we are embracing with our forays into 30 Days Wild. At Westwood House we are blessed with extensive manicured gardens and grounds, which have been a blessing. Throwing open our patio doors we are able to head outside onto the terrace and enjoy nature. Gardening, insect-spotting, plant identification and cloud gazing have been the orders of the week so far; we have loved every moment, too.

The great thing about 30 Days Wild is that it has been so easy for our staff and residents to achieve. Our garden swing is perfectly placed for watching the world go by, while our open patio doors serve as a welcome reminder that the great outdoors is always much closer than we may at first think. Welcoming nature doesn’t mean expensive equipment or grand gestures, although those are encouraged too of course. Our new sense of discovery stems from appreciating the smaller things, such as a curled leaf, the whisper of the wind or the plop of a raindrop. Our residents find nature inspiring and stimulating.

We are growing sunflowers, strawberries and all manner of flowers and shrubs. Our resident, Aileen, took some time to inspect our sunflowers this week – we are hoping to thrash the competition currently growing at our sister homes. Sarah, meanwhile enjoyed our lawns and flower beds, and checked out our garden swing for its views. All of our residents have got involved in their own ways, and we’re excited to see what the rest of the month will hold.

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