Youth groups enjoy a wild weekend

LRWT's Rutland Water Nature Reserve hosted a ‘wild weekend’ for young people – members of the reserve's two youth groups, ‘Wild Skills’ (13–18 year olds) and ‘Wild Horizons’ (18–30 year olds) plus the ‘Keeping it Wild’, youth group from Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust (13–25 year olds).

The purpose of the weekend was an important one – the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT) wanted to quiz young people interested in wildlife on how The Wildlife Trusts could improve their youth engagement strategy.

Activities included building duck traps for the bird-ringing group, checking bat boxes and meadow management.

Read Community Engagement Officer Holly Hunter’s diary of the weekend’s aims and activities here


Photograph: Building a duck trap (Becky Corby/LRWT)

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