Easter Eggs

This could be a very exciting 'osprey season' at Rutland Water Nature Reserve! The Manton Bay ospreys – Maya and 33(11) – are incubating four eggs, laid just in time for Easter.

In each of her previous six years of breeding, Maya has only ever laid three eggs but It has been known for ospreys to raise four chicks and the team at the Rutland Osprey Project is confident that experienced parents Maya and 33 will be perfectly capable of raising a brood of four.

Proving that he will be able to feed four chicks 33 has been on good form this Easter weekend, catching two enormous trout and a roach!

Incubation usually takes 5 – 6 weeks so the team is expecting to see chicks in mid-May.

If you can, visit the Lyndon Visitor Centre at Rutland Water Nature Reserve to check the big screen and the latest news before taking the walk to the hide where volunteers for the Rutland Osprey Project will help you get the best view of the osprey nest. The Centre is open every day from 9am–5pm, until September 10.

Remember you can keep up to date with news and watch the live webcam on www.ospreys.org.uk

 Photograph: Four could be a crowd (Rutland Osprey Project)


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