Our wild bees need friendly gardeners

Each year The Wildlife Trusts team up with the Royal Horticultural Society to ask everybody to be Wild About Gardens.

The aim is to encourage wildlife gardening, whether on an acre of land or a window box. Gardens and community green spaces help to reconnect fragmented habitats, acting as vital foraging areas and homes for wildlife. By taking small actions, your garden can serve as a fantastic habitat for a wide range of species.

This year we are asking you to help wild bees. Making your garden welcoming to bees can help them to thrive. To encourage these amazing striped superheroes into your garden you can build a solitary bee home, make a bumblebee nest, grow your own wildflower meadow, and much more. Download your free guide to helping wild bees at www.wildlifetrusts.org/bees

Photograph: From the cover of our free guide (Jon Hawkins, Surrey Hill Photography)

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