Bee inspired

It is Bees’ Needs Week and we are all being urged to help our precious pollinators thrive.

You don’t have to be green-fingered: everyone can play their part to ensure bees have food and a home. Even if you own an urban window box you can help to protect the 1,500 species of insects that pollinate plants in the UK, including bumble bees, honey bees, solitary bees, hoverflies, beetles, butterflies and moths.

Due to changes to the British landscape over the last century, not all pollinators can find the food and shelter they need. But pollinating insects are essential to maintain the exciting variety of plants and wildlife in the UK, and play a vital role in food production.

There are five simple steps to meet Bees’ Needs:

Follow #BeesNeeds on twitter to find out more about the campaign and tweet your pollinator questions to charities, businesses and bee experts.



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