Look out for these birds of pray

Peregrine falcons are being encouraged to make a home at Leicester Cathedral.

The Dean, The Very Rev David Monteith, contacted the Trust to check if the cathedral would be a suitable site for a nest box. We put the Dean in touch with Leicester City Council and Leicestershire and Rutland Ornithological Society (LROS) who organised a survey of the site as part of a joint project.

Peregrines naturally nest on cliff faces therefore tall buildings, including church spires, can make good alternative habitats for them. In total six boxes have been installed in the city. They have been seen regularly in Leicester recently so look up for this large and powerful falcon. 

Mr Monteith explained that the word peregrine actually means pilgrim and said that he hopes they will make their home at the cathedral. 

St Martin’s House next to the cathedral hosts a display about the birds and the nest box project.


Photograph: www.neilaldridge.wordpress.com

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