Our winter garden wildlife needs help

Now winter has arrived, temperatures have dropped dramatically and wildlife really needs our help.

December was unusually mild and birds could access natural food but during this cold spell they will increasingly visit our gardens to feed.

Once the ground freezes, ground feeding birds such as blackbirds, thrushes, robins and starlings struggle to find food so putting out high-energy foods can be a life-saver.

Fatballs, peanuts, sultanas and juicy mealworms will help small birds survive long cold winter nights. 

It is a good idea to keep the food supply topped up so birds won’t waste valuable energy making trips to empty feeders.

When you purchase your wildlife supplies direct from Vine House Farm www.vinehousefarm.co.uk you will be helping the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust as well as your garden wildlife. Through a partnership with The Wildlife Trusts, 5% of bird food sales are donated to Vine House Farm customers’ local Wildlife Trust. Most of the bird food is grown, mixed and packaged, on the family run farm in Lincolnshire and then despatched direct.

Wildlife needs a supply of fresh, clean water but please don’t be tempted to smash the ice on your garden pond as this will send damaging shockwaves to overwintering creatures in the pond.

Photograph:  Look carefully at a flock of feeding chaffinches as winter visiting bramblings could be feeding with them. (Vine House Farm)

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