Badgers matter

Our new infographic explains why vaccinating badgers, not culling them, should be central to the government's strategy to control bovine TB.

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The Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust has successfully completed the third year of a carefully considered and monitored programme of vaccinating healthy badgers against bTB on key Trust nature reserves.

Resident badgers within the chosen locations were trapped and vaccinated in late summer using specialised contractors with staff and volunteers providing support for pre-baiting.

The areas will be revisited annually for five years to keep the local population free from bTB and reduce the threat of transmission to cattle – including our own herds that conservation graze our nature reserves.

Our badger vaccination fundraising appeal remains open for donations to fund future work. 

The Wildlife Trusts are firmly opposed to the badger cull and no Wildlife Trust will allow culling on its land.

Photograph: Badger (Elliott Neep)

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