Drop in for a spectacular sight!

The cheering sight of milky-white drifts of snowdrops, is now appearing in many of our counties’ woodlands, churchyards, parks, and gardens, hopefully heralding the end of winter.

Often thought of as a British native wild flower, the snowdrop Galanthus is actually an escapee from gardens that has become widely naturalised.

The Trust’s Dimminsdale nature reserve, near Staunton Harold in north-west Leicestershire, is a great place to see a spectacular display on the site of an old cottage garden. This is a great treat, particularly for snowdrop enthusiasts who are known as Gallanthophiles.

There is more information on Dimminsdale and snowdrops in this month’s Wildlife Diary on our website.

Photograph: Snowdrops (Neill Talbot/LRWT)

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