Grab a Grand for your Grand Idea!

Help improve your local environment and you could win £1000!

Have you got ideas to make your environment glow with health? We have teamed up with the Community Foundation and #IWill Lottery funding to bring you “Grand Ideas”.

You could win one of five prizes of £1000 to make an environmental difference. If you are aged 10 – 20 years old and live in Leicestershire or Rutland, or work in a community group or school, you are eligible to enter. 

English Martyrs Catholic Voluntary Academy, based in Oakham, is the first winner of the competition, with their Grand Idea: ‘Nature 4 Life’, which focuses on upgrading a wildlife area in their school grounds. Each student from the group brought their own idea to the mix: one planting native trees and shrubs, while others improved access to the pond, built nest boxes for a variety of species, worked on developing interpretation on the site, and finally, construction of a gazebo area to enable natural history lessons to be taught outside.

This is your chance to put your idea out there and make positive change in your local environment. It could be at home, online, in your school or college, football club or whatever space you like - wherever you want to make a difference.

All you need to do to enter is explain what your Grand Idea is, where it is based and what environmental improvement it will make. If the judges like your idea you could win £1000. You can get your friends and family to help and we will also be on hand if you need us.

If you are interested in taking part in the competition either as a participant or as a youth leader, download an application form here. 

For more information email Sarah Hatherill, Grand Ideas Officer, at myideaforgrandideas@gmail.com or call 07706 136 133