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Charnwood Forest Living Landscape

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Charnwood Forest Living Landscape, situated to the south of Loughborough, covers 16,000 hectares.  Strikingly different to anywhere else in the East Midlands, the Charnwood Forest is defined by craggy hilltops, dry stone walls, fast flowing streams, ancient woodlands and open views. The most important area for wildlife in Leicestershire, Charnwood Forest contains a high concentration of Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Local Wildlife Sites, but these places have become increasingly isolated by activities such as hedge removal, ploughing of grasslands, development and road building - the M1 motorway effectively splits the area in two.

The Charnwood Forest Living Landscape Project aims to conserve and enhance the unique wildlife, geology and character of Charnwood Forest. 

The project will work alongside farmers, landowners, businesses and local communities to:

  • Protect and enhance the best sites for wildlife
  • Create new habitats and reconnect fragmented areas
  • Maintain important geological features
  • Allow space for natural processes to operate
  • Encourage less intensive land use and management
  • Support a sustainable local economy
  • Promote greater recognition, understanding and enjoyment of Charnwood Forest’s natural assets

What can the project offer?

  • Free wildlife surveys and advice on positive and practical management
  • Input to grant applications, such as Environmental Stewardship
  • A Small Grant Scheme for habitat management work (see below for contact details)
  • Guidance on other sources of funding
  • Support for tourism businesses with wildlife related activities, such as farm trails
  • Free talks to local groups and organisations

To find out more

  • View the Charnwood Forest Living Landscape leaflet
  • View our Wildlife Gardening in the Charnwood Forest leaflet for tips on how to turn a Charnwood garden into a wildlife reserve
  • Read more about the natural history of the area, download our report  ‘Charnwood Forest: A Living Landscape’.

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The Charnwood Forest Living Landscape has been made possible by the long-term commitment of Aggregate Industries.

Find out more

If you are interested in this project or would like further information please contact

Uta Hamzaoui, Conservation Officer or 0116 248 7364