A update from the Manton Bay nest

A update from the Manton Bay nest

Peter Cairns/2020VISION

Read the latest update from the Manton Bay nest, the chicks are getting ready to migrate...

Throughout the weeks after fledging the young Ospreys have been making more and more exploratory flights around the nest site at Manton Bay.

They will sometimes venture further afield and be away for a few hours or sometimes days. Two of our youngsters did exactly this, one – 080 - returned after five days away. The other youngster 082 has not yet returned and we think it has decided to leave early on migration, this will occasionally happen.

Visitors to the Nature Reserve are taking great delight in watching the youngsters as they wheel around the bay, occasionally they will dive at the water as if to catch a fish, but it is very unusual for them to catch anything at this stage and they continue to rely on their parents to provide for them.