Rainbows of Hope

Rainbows of Hope

Local Scout & Guide group leader Melanie Wakley shares with us the community spirit of the Thurnby Scouting & Guiding group who worked together to create a wonderful wildflower meadow on a derelict grass verge in Thurnby village.

After working with Thurnby & Bushby Parish Council and Harborough District Council, Thurnby Scouting & Guiding group received permission to plant wildflowers on the grass verge outside of their building in Thurnby village. Everyone was very excited! 

The group contacted Coles Nurseries informing them of the project and they kindly donated boxes of wildflower seeds.

The day to take off the top layer of grass and sow the seeds was arranged. Alicia Kearns the MP for Melton & Rutland informed us that she would be delighted to attend. District, County and Parish Councillors, as well as The Leicester Mercury, were all invited. But then, The Coronavirus pandemic hit... So to keep everyone safe, the event was cancelled with great disappointment. 

Spring was approaching and the donated boxes of seeds were itching to get into the already roped off ground! My husband and I began working on the ground on our own, but heart-warmingly, I was contacted by parents who wanted to help. 

With careful coordination, and families working within their family groups everyone helped to get the ground ready. (Please note this was just before the complete lock-down) 

Finally, with the community's effort, the seeds were sown. Leaving nature to do her work. 

The project began to grow a wildflower meadow to (in Plantlife’s words), "restore and expand flower-rich habitats along with our road network" and to "supply a diverse source of nectar and pollen for bees, butterflies, birds, bats and bugs."

However, with the onset of Coronavirus, the Brownies began painting Rainbows and hanging them around the planted area. The projects focus then turned to ‘Rainbows of Hope’, with the wildflowers starting to bloom, our project ensured that everyone had something to look forward to when summer arrived.

My thanks go to all the children and their parents who helped with the project, to Thurnby & Bushby Parish Council for their support and also to Coles Nurseries for their kind donation of seeds.



Take Action for Insects near you!

Melanie and the Thurnby Scouting & Guiding group's effort to restore and increase floral rich habitats in their local area, as well as lift the community spirit, shows how we can all work together to take #ActionforInsects and create a Wilder Leicestershire and Rutland.  

Did you know insects are dying out eight times faster than large mammals? By working together, we can change their future. Starting right now, we can all make small changes in our home, lifestyle and communities that will help these fascinating creatures.

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