Weekly Update: Manton Bay

Weekly Update: Manton Bay

Peter Cairns/2020VISION

The latest update on the Manton Bay family and also some exciting news from the Osprey Education Team!

It has now been three weeks since the first juvenile from the Manton Bay nest, 082, left Rutland. 083 followed closely in his footsteps, or wingbeats for want of a better term, only a few days later. From looking at the webcam and from reports back from visitors, we still believe the two adults, Maya and 33(11), and the two juveniles 080 and 081 are still around, though the two juveniles seem to be making further exploratory flights.

The live webcam this morning captured this footage of one of the ospreys having a bath! Bathing is incredibly important for ospreys and helps to remove any dirt or parasites, as well as assists in maintaining their plumage - at this time particularly, it is vital that their feathers are in good condition, ready for their long migration south.

With the ospreys being more and more absent from the nest, other species have had a look in. This Black-Headed Gull was a tad confident and cheeky yesterday morning when he paid a visit to the nest whilst 081 was eating his breakfast...

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