A week of excitement

Peter Cairns/2020VISION

This past week has been full of excitement since the first egg was laid, and we have been eagerly watching out for another...

The three weeks that Maya and 33(11) have been back in Rutland have simply flown by! One moment they are incredibly busy preparing the nest and then the next, Maya has laid the first egg of the season.

Over the course of the past week, I think it is safe to say we have all been glued to the webcam, keenly waiting for a clue that Maya has laid a second egg. As always with wildlife and nature, having a bit of patience is key, and it certainly paid off! On Thursday evening we were lucky and were able to catch a glimpse of the second egg! We are unable to say exactly when it was laid, but it could have been anytime from Wednesday afternoon onwards. Come the weekend, we were once again drawn to the screen, this time with the anticipation of a third egg being laid. And this morning, perseverance again paid off, with there now being three eggs in the nest! But the question we are all pondering now is, will there be a fourth?

And there is even more exciting news to be shared! We have now got 13 Ospreys back in the Rutland area, including one of our satellite tagged birds S1(15), who arrived in Rutland on Saturday (4th), after spending four weeks crossing borders, oceans, deserts and mountains.

S1's final leg

4K(13) is making excellent progress and he has left Morocco behind, and is now travelling across mid-Spain, heading up towards the country’s capital Madrid.

4K's route so far over Spain

The Osprey Education Team are continuing to come up with lots of great ideas, which get the whole family involved, through their Osprey Home School initiative. Keep an eye out on our website for this week’s activities, which include a birdsong quiz and also some fun Osprey themed simple exercises!

Here is a short compilation of this weeks' highlights...