The stars of the show return

The stars of the show return

Peter Cairns/2020VISION

Find out what exciting happenings have been going on over the past week with the Rutland Ospreys!

What a fantastic week it has turned out to be here at Lyndon Nature Reserve! Despite having to close the Visitor Centre as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the Ospreys have of course, been keeping us very busy and our moods positively elevated (mine personally, is through the roof)!

Since our first Osprey arrived back on 13th March, the past week has seen four more individuals return to Rutland, including our most iconic pair, Maya and 33(11), from the Manton Bay nest. These two, astonishingly, returned within hours of each other, with 33 making his debut on the webcam at around 07:00, and Maya making her first appearance at lunchtime! Though these two arrived on the same day, it is very unlikely that they travelled together, though it is sometimes nice to think, as Ospreys complete their migrations alone.

Throughout the week, both Maya and 33 have been incredibly busy preparing their nest for the upcoming season, giving it a bit of a spring clean if you like. They have not only removed old and unwanted material and brought new in, but have dramatically built up the nest with lots of twigs and sticks! And of course, there has been quite a bit of mating activity. The next question to ask is when will the first egg arrive – before or after last year's date of 2nd April?

So, what about our satellite tagged Ospreys? S1(15) is making steady progress, currently heading over central Spain – it won’t be too much longer before he arrives back in the UK and we welcome him back to Rutland. As for 4K(13), he still hasn’t even left his wintering grounds yet! But I don’t blame him for enjoying the beautiful beaches of Guinea for a little while longer.

Progress of S1

Looking ahead, next week is World Osprey Week or WOW! (23rd-27th), and this year we are introducing an exciting and interactive programme ‘Osprey Home School’. Our wonderful Osprey Education Team have been busy creating fun and engaging activities that all the family can enjoy over the next week, from home, with free resources available to download from our website!