Osprey Cruises

Osprey Cruises

Our Osprey Cruises are back up and running from 29th May! Visit the events page on our website to book your tickets.

We are really looking forward to our first Osprey Cruise of the year on Saturday 29th May, and are so pleased that we are able to run them alongside our hosts, the Rutland Belle!

The Osprey Cruises make for a perfect start or end to your day and offer you the exciting chance of seeing these magnificent birds of prey from a new or different perspective. And, if you are lucky enough, you may witness the jaw-dropping dive of a fishing Osprey!

As well as Ospreys, Rutland Water boasts a huge array of other wildlife. From the gracefulness of terns to the laser-like call of Lapwings, there is so much more to see whilst were are out exploring.

You will be joined on the cruise by a member of the Rutland Osprey Project team, who will be your guide for the trip, walking you through the exciting success story that is the Rutland Osprey Project and answering any questions you may have. And if you are joining us for one of our Dawn Osprey Cruises, a light breakfast of tea/coffee/juices and sweet pastries will be served on-board.

The Osprey Cruises leave from Whitwell Harbour (LE15 8BL) and are an hour and a half long and all parking costs are included in the ticket price. Light refreshments will also available on board the Rutland Belle served within any social distancing measures in place.

You will also receive 20% off the permit entry price to Rutland Water Nature Reserve on the day of the cruise, which includes the Lyndon Visitor Centre and Nature Reserve as well as the Anglian Birdwatching Centre (Egleton).

Cruise Dates and Times

All bookings need to be made online, so please follow the links below to book your tickets and to find out more information, including ticket prices.

Saturday 29th May - 6pm

Wednesday 2nd June - 6pm

Saturday 5th June (Dawn) - 6am

Wednesday 9th June - 6pm

Wednesday 16th June - 6pm

Saturday 19th June - 6pm

Saturday 26th June (Dawn) - 6am

Wednesday 30th June - 7pm

Saturday 3rd July (Dawn) - 6am

Saturday 10th July - 6.30pm

Wednesday 14th July - 7.00pm

Saturday 17th July - 7.30pm

Saturday 24th July - 7.45pm

Wednesday 28th July - 6pm

Saturday 31st July - 7.15pm

Saturday 7th August - 6pm

Wednesday 11th August - 6pm

Saturday 14th August - 7pm

Wednesday 25th August - 6pm

Saturday 28th August - 6.30pm