Multi-lingual Ozzie Books

Osprey Pandion Haliaetus Rutland Water summer - David Tipling/2020VISION

Ozzie's Migration by Ken Davies and John Wright, has recently been translated into French, German and Norwegian and these are now available on the Amazon Kindle Store.

Fans of the inspirational ‘Ozzie’ books, created by Ken Davies and John Wright, will be thrilled to hear that the first foreign language editions have recently gone ‘live’ as e-books on the Amazon Kindle Store! Readers can access the first book in French, German or Norwegian by just logging in to the Kindle Store and typing in the title ‘Ozzie’s Migration’. You will find all the books there, including of course the original English version too. You can ‘Look Inside’ each book, and then, for just £3.00, download it onto your own device to keep!

We already know it is being enjoyed in France, Germany and Norway by young people who are learning about Ospreys, and by students who are learning the languages and at the same time increasing their knowledge of these spectacular birds.

The sequel (‘Ozzie’s Return’) will join the first book on Kindle very soon, and plans are afoot to complete the trilogy with ‘Ozzie’s Summer Home’ later in the year. We are awaiting other translations from the Basque area of Northern Spain, from Spain itself, and from many other countries in Europe and further afield. We are anxious to find translators from countries with established or developing Osprey populations, so please let us know if you have any contacts who might be able to help!

All proceeds will be shared between the Rutland Osprey Project and the Osprey Leadership Foundation.

For the link to the Amazon Kindle Store for Ozzie's Migration in French click here.

For the link to the Amazon Kindle Store for Ozzie's Migration in German click here.

For the link to the Amazon Kindle Store for Ozzie's Migration in Norwegian click here.