Manton Bay Osprey Update

Manton Bay Osprey Update

Peter Cairns/2020VISION

All the latest updates from the Manton Bay nest and our satellite tracked osprey.

It’s a fairly quiet period for the ospreys at the moment, whilst we eagerly wait for the first chick to hatch, which is due on 4th May at the earliest. In the meantime, Maya and 33(11) have continued to take it in turns incubating the three eggs. You will also see Maya or 33(11) intermittently roll the eggs, and this is to ensure there is equal heat distribution.

There have been a couple of intruding ospreys about, which is always entertaining to watch on the webcam and is brilliant as well because of the ability to listen to their reaction.

The other really good piece of news is that our satellite tracked male osprey 4K(13) made it safely back to the area last Wednesday (14th April) morning after 25 days of migration.

You can download his full route by following the link below.

Satellite Tracking

4K(13) final route