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The Trust’s cattle are grazing life back into our nature reserves

Longhorn cattle

The Trust cares for a variety of important wild flower rich meadows and heathland sites and careful conservation grazing is a critical part of their management. It creates the right conditions for wildlife to flourish by keeping down coarse vegetation, which would overwhelm rarer more delicate plants.

  • Leicestershire and Rutland were once renowned for their large areas of wild flower rich meadows. Little of this habitat now remains - 97% was destroyed between 1930 and 1984 and the area remaining has continued to decline in subsequent years.
  • Heathland was once widespread in north-east and west Leicestershire and east Rutland, but following land use changes in the 19th century it has become almost entirely confined to Charnwood. Heathland contains a high proportion of Leicestershire Red Data Book species, which is a reflection of the rarity and importance of this habitat locally.

Sponsoring a cow will help the Trust manage these important habitats.

How your sponsorship helps

Shetland cattle

The Trust has two herds of rare breed cattle – Shetlands and Longhorns. 

The Shetland cattle usually graze Lea Meadows and Herbert’s Meadow (Ulverscroft) during the spring and summer.  In winter they graze parts of Cossington Meadows or return to the farm at Charnwood Lodge. The grazing plan has to be flexible as some years we cut the meadows for hay rather than graze them.

The Longhorn cattle usually graze the heathland at Ulverscroft and the Warren Hills area of Charnwood Lodge during the spring and summer. In winter they return to the farm at Charnwood Lodge.

Your sponsorship helps us care for the cattle, including:

  • Stock tending by an experienced farmer/stockman to ensure they are fit and well
  • Medical care and preventative treatments such as worming
  • Transport between nature reserves
  • Feed and winter housing, when required
  • Repairs to fencing and stock handling facilities to keep the cattle safe

Becoming a Sponsor

To become a sponsor for a year simply click here to download a sponsorship form. 

Once you have chosen which cow you would like to sponsor then fill in and return the form. 

As a sponsor you will receive a welcome pack, which includes:

  • A mini beanie cow keyring
  • A sponsorship certificate for your cow
  • Twice yearly update about the grazing project

To find out more contact:

Neil Pilcher on 0116 248 7363 or email: [email protected]