Recycling IT For Wildlife

A partnership between Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust and Absolute Networks Limited aims to reduce the amount of old IT equipment going to landfill by restoring and recycling it - and at the same time raising valuable funds for wildlife.

Absolute Networks approaches organisations and companies that currently pay to dispose of redundant IT equipment and offers to remove it free of charge. All profits of any equipment that can be recycled and sold are then donated to the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust.


“This new recycling scheme enables local organisations and businesses to dispose of unwanted computers, laptops, servers, printer and other IT equipment legally, securely and for free," said Simon Bentley, Trust Director. "They can avoid costly removal services, adhere to the WEEE directive and drastically reduce waste while raising much needed funds to protect and enhance wildlife in our two counties.” 

If your company would like to participate in this scheme click here.

Photo: Ethical recycling guarantees your old IT equipment is disposed of within the UK responsibly and any profits go directly to support local wildlife. (Absolute Networks Ltd)