30 Days Wild Nature Reserves and Wild Spaces

30 Days Wild Nature Reserves and Wild Spaces


During June, many of our Nature Reserves and some other wild spaces in Leicester have Random Acts of Wildness to take part in. 

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The Random Act of Wildness activity cards will be near the main entrances or on park notice boards.

Please see below for:

Nature Reserve

Random act of Wildness

Loughborough Big Meadow


* Listen for Skylarks singing in the sky or sit on the river bank and wait for a Kingfisher to whizz by.
Download River bird spotter   


Charnwood Lodge (Warren Hills area only)

* Touch and admire the 600 million year old rock along the ridge, where on a sunny day you can see rare Wall Brown and Green Hairstreak butterflies.

NB Warren Hills is open access land - please respect the wildlife and not take dogs on this area due to breeding birds. Some other areas of reserve are limited to LRWT members only and are No Dogs allowed. 

Download Country Butterfly spotter

Coombs Meadows

* Be amazed by the spectacular views over the Vale of Belvoir and look for Buzzards, Red Kites and Ravens soaring over the escarpment that the reserve sits on.

NB Dogs on short leads.

Download Birds of Prey Spotter

Cossington Meadows

* Look for dragonflies hunting around the streams and pools and maybe a Hobby falcon hunting them!

Download Dragonfly spotter

NB Dogs on short leads.

Croft Pasture

* Meander with a river – Stroll along the river side looking for water voles, swans and kingfishers. If you are lucky, you might find the tracks of an otter.

NB Dogs on short leads.


* Sketch a wild landscape - Take a sketch pad outside and use nature as your muse.

NB No dogs allowed.

Kelham Bridge

* Spot dragons and damsels – Enjoy the jewels of the insect world; dragonflies and damselflies; they’ll be flying over the water or perched on some plants.  

NB Dogs on short leads.

Download Dragonfly spotter

Ketton Quarry

* Search for the brilliant glows of Glow-worms at dusk and perhaps see a Fox or a Muntjac deer.

NB Dogs on short leads.

Download Night time animal spotter

Launde Woods

* Hunt woodland beasties – Enjoy some of Britain’s most dramatic butterflies in the summer in this wood; they’ll be floating around the tops of brambles or high up in the treetops.

NB No Dogs allowed in Big Wood. Dogs on short leads in Park Wood.
Download Woodland Butterfly Spotter

Lea Meadows

* Look down into the stream from the bridge and spot Brown Trout and other fish, including the eel-like and primitive Brook Lamprey.

NB Dogs on short leads.

Merry’s Meadows

* Look for the black day-flying Chimney Sweeper moths amongst a sea of wild flowers, including several species of orchids.

NB Dogs on short leads.

Download Day-flying moths spotter

Priors Coppice

* Rides in bloom – Stroll along the rides to spot some woodland flowers such as ragged robin and common spotted orchid.

NB Dogs on short leads.

Download Woodland Summer wildlife spotter

Rutland Water – Egleton

* Hush in … hide – Rather than birds, see if you can spot a water vole taking a swim in the newly restored ditch?

NB No Dogs allowed on reserve.  Charge for access to reserve.

Rutland Water – Egleton

* A – Z of nature – can you find something in nature for each letter of alphabet?

NB No Dogs allowed on reserve.  Charge for access to reserve.

Download Nature's A - Z sheet

Rutland Water -

* Watch the ospreys – see the chicks from Waderscrape hide or on our live camera in the centre

NB Dogs on short leads only. Charge for access to reserve.

‘Be an Osprey Expert’ children’s activity book available at Lyndon Visitor Centre.

Tilton Cutting

* Search for fossils at the base of the rock faces. You can take any loose fossils, but no hammering of the faces is allowed. Ravens and Red Kites can often be seen flying above.

NB Be aware of potential for falling rocks. Dogs on short leads.

Download Bird of Prey spotter

Wymondham Rough

* Hunt skippers and browns – Enjoy some of Britain’s butterflies in the summer; they’ll be floating over the grassland.

NB Dogs on short leads.

Download Country Butterfly Spotter

Wild Space in Leicester

Random Act of Wildness

Abbey Park

* Work out in the wild - Change your daily or weekly exercise route to take in wild places; if you do indoor aerobics, why not do them outside.

Aylestone Meadows

* Tickle your toes – Squelch your toes in grass, mud or dangle them in a cool stream: how many wild landscapes can you feel through the soles of your feet. (NB Children should/must be accompanied by an adult near water).

Braunstone Park

* Form a grass brass band – Use a thick blade of grass between your thumbs to make the sound of a trumpet.

Castle Hill Country Park

* Lunch in the wild – Pack a picnic and take it outside to share with friends on a blanket, bench or under a tree.

Evington Park

* Play hide and seek in the wild – hide and seek is still the top wild game: pick who’s it, and then race to hide behind trees and in bushes.

Hamilton Park

* Spot a wild animal - There are lots of animals who live in our city.

Download Urban Widllife spotter

Knighton Park

* Set a wild ringtone – Record birds, insects or wind in the trees to give your ringtone a makeover: it will take you back to the wild every time you get a call.

Spinney Hill Park

* Meditate in the wild - Strike yoga poses and feel the stresses melt away.

Watermead Country Park South

* Be in it to win it – Challenge your friends to spot as many species as possible in an hour.

Western Park

* Get crafty in the sunshine – Crochet, sew or colour outside: let mindfulness become wildfulness!